Why use our iPod replacement battery and easy installation kit instead of going through Apple? 
Cost Savings - For only $15.95 (plus S&H) you can replace your iPod battery yourself. You'd spend $65.95 by replacing your battery through Apple's Battery Replacement Program. Save over $40 by using our iPod battery and installation kit!

Time Savings - Why spend your valuable time going through Apple's complicated battery replacement program when you can replace your iPod battery yourself?  At Apple, you have fill out a long form on Apple's website, back up all your iPod music and data, package up your iPod, and go to the post office to mail your iPod back to Apple (most likely you would insure your package...an extra cost!). That’s a lot of time and hassle.

Minimized Downtime - You don't need to be without your iPod for several weeks, which is how long it may take Apple to replace your battery and send you a “refurbished” (aka “used) replacement iPod.  For only $15.95 (+S&H), we'll send you a replacement iPod battery that takes only minutes to install with the included toolkit and detailed instructions.  Get your iPod up and running again quickly AND save over $40!

To order the iPod Replacement Battery Kit, click on the “More Info” button and then add it to your shopping cart. If you have any further questions about our iPod replacement kit you may call us toll free at 1-800-556-4490.

The LaptopsForLess.com Team