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Ipod Battery Installation Guide

The instructions below come with no warranty or guarantee, improper assembly or use of excessive force may result in damage to the parts involved or to your PDA/Mp3 Player. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold Laptops For Less blameless and unaccountable for damages or problems caused by use of these instructions. These instruction require a moderate level of technical ability and proficiency in the use of hand tools, as well as a general understanding of electronic components. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the installation of this replacement battery.


Step 1:

Using the included screwdriver,screwdriver.jpg (11606 bytes) begin to pry open the case, starting with the top corner.


Step 2:

With the screwdriver wedged inside the case, carefully work your way down to the bottom of the Ipod, unclipping the case clips as you go.


Step 3:

With one side of the case fully unclipped, you can now lift the main section of the Ipod away from the case cover.


Step 4:

Using the screwdriver, unglue the old battery from the back of the Ipod. The battery should now only be connected by its power cord. Please pay attention to the original orientation (power cord on same side as connector).


Step 5:

With the battery removed we can see the power connector and the rubber pad that supports the battery (do not remove this pad).Gently pull on the power cable to disconnect it from the Ipod. You can now plug in the new battery, apply the new battery to the original glue spots and snap the case back on..

Your new battery will need a minimum of three hours of charging before first use.